Working with a Recruiter

working with a recruiter

Searching for employment on your own can become a difficult and arduous task. As time passes, you might ask yourself if working with a recruiter could increase your chances of landing a new job. In order for them to do the best possible job, there are a few things you need know.

  • Trust your recruiter, but ask tough questions – In most cases, recruiters have the experience to give you the best advice possible when dealing with a client employer. Second guessing or going against the advice given is usually not in your best interest. If you have opposing views, talk to your recruiter about them and get them ironed out beforehand.

  • Consider a recruiter that specializes in your field – Most recruiters specialize in specific industries. You will have a more productive relationship with your recruiter if you find one knowledgeable in your specific field or job function.

  • Follow through on commitments – Make sure you are willing to follow through with the entire process. Don’t back out on interviews that are set up for you. Not only does this make YOU look bad, it also makes the recruiter look bad and will more than likely cause tension in your relationship. If you aren’t interested in working for certain organizations, be upfront about your intentions. 

  • Be professional – Treat your recruiter like you would a potential employer. Give them the necessary information needed to place you in a proper position where you can succeed. Remember, the information you give them is being used to find you a career, misleading or embellishing facts will only lead to an unsatisfying job placement.

Working with a recruiter can be a great way to advance your job search. They can place you in the right role and open doors to future opportunities. Maintaining frequent and honest communication is your best chance at locating and landing your next job.

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