Successful Marketing
Successful Marketing

Successful Marketing And Sales Are Only Possible With The Right Team

As the client, you are our focus. We act as an extension of your firm. You need critical positions filled now. At Vector Search Group, we target the person with the right skillset and motivation to help your organization grow. This all starts with an extensive needs analysis. 

How are we different

  • Through multiple processes, we approach our client's ideal talent market beginning with building a thorough candidate profile. Through detailed evaluations and assessments, we identify the most qualified individuals. Finally, we utilize an extensive vetting process to present the top individuals.   
  • Our evidence-based system provides a 96% candidate retention rate after the first year.
  • Using objective tools based on science and technology, we are able to offer extended replacement guarantees from six to twelve months.
  • With 17 years in the recruiting industry, our network is vast.

Our job continues even after you’ve chosen your ideal candidate. We work with you and the candidate to negotiate the best situation for all parties and ensure your new employee is ready to go on the first day.

We help you reposition in a changing industry.

The business landscape is constantly shifting and we know your trajectory is unique. You need to build and grow your brand. We have the resources to help you get there. Our team of expert recruiters employs our tailored solutions and in-depth industry knowledge to your best advantage.

Recruitment Solutions

With this approach, your account executive’s energy is focused on your day to day hiring need. This option requires a negotiated monthly fee which is put toward final payment upon placement(s). Reconciliation takes place on a quarterly basis. This search method is ideal for aggressive hiring plans.

Recruitment Solutions

With this option, we are your company’s primary recruiting resource. A mutual commitment is made, guaranteeing you are getting qualified candidates in an agreed-upon timeline. The fee structure involves ⅓ of our fee being paid up front, ⅓ when qualified candidates are presented, and the remainder when the candidate begins working for your company. This search method is best for urgent, critical hiring needs.

Recruitment Solutions

This option, while currently not available, offers a client a complete placement solution when the need is not urgent. We refer candidates who match your requirements. With this option, you pay a fee only upon hiring our candidate.  

Staffing Solutions

Limited time or short-term projects require unique talent and a special set of HR tools. We can determine the best available talent at the right time and provide them to you for as long as necessary.

Your Need Is Time Sensitive.
We're Ready To Work For You

Whether you need marketing or data analytics professionals in B2B, B2C, or B2B2C, we have access to the best talent. Contacts us now to learn more.