Importance of Team Building


Team building activities are some of the most useful ways to form a trusting, cohesive environment in the workplace; they are also frequently overlooked and underutilized. Organizations could significantly improve the culture and day to day working of their team members, by investing time and resources in strengthening their relationships. The following are just a few benefits you can expect from providing quality team building activities for members of your company.

  • Effective Communication – The vast majority of team building activities require being solved as a group, which means communication is key. Practicing this type of communication can translate into more productive and efficient daily work.
  • Ease Conflict – One of the biggest advantages to working as a team, as opposed to individually, is the diversity of knowledge, resources and ideas. However, diversity tends to produce conflict. Team building activities can help employees become more accustomed to individual personalities, increasing the chance they will be more tolerant of opposing points of view.
  • Collaboration – collaboration is key to a successful business. Learning how to work together and solve problems through fun, non-threatening activities will transfer to situations that might arise during the work day.
  • Leadership – Through various activities, management can identify leadership qualities in individuals. This can help identify workers who would be able to supervise certain projects or take on roles requiring less direction from upper management.
  • Confidence – Having confidence to take chances others may not be willing to take, produces results. Being able to practice this behavior in a safe environment will build the confidence needed to apply the same determination and self-reliance in workplace situations.

Encouraging team building in the office not only helps develop open communication between the employees themselves, it opens lines of communication between employees and higher management as well. It significantly contributes to employee motivation, ensuring better productivity. Providing activities that build the team’s skills mentioned above, will contribute to the success of the organization.

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