Importance of a Well Written Job Description

Importance of a Well Written Job Description

A well written job description can save a hiring manager hours during the hiring process. If the description is written correctly and thoroughly, it will weed out those who are not qualified and will answer questions interested candidates typically have. If you seem to have trouble finding quality hires, you may want to look at how your job descriptions are written and see if that could be the source of your trouble. Here are a few tips to help you write better job descriptions.

Job Title and Summary – The job title should accurately reflect the work that will be performed. Once the position has been defined, give a short explanation of the position, including its purpose.

Responsibilities – One of the most important things a potential hire will want to know is what will be expected of them. Be sure their duties are clearly stated and include specific statements about their role. Be as concise as possible.

Salary Range – Many organizations will leave this out of their job descriptions, but this piece of information will help weed out any prospects that are expecting something more than what you are offering. Imagine spending the time and resources interviewing a candidate and considering them for the position only to find they aren’t willing to accept the salary that is being offered.

Skills and Qualifications – If you are requiring a specific degree or certification, be sure to include it. Not only should required skills be listed, but also add preferred skills.

Location – Include the physical address of where the work will be performed. Also include if travel is necessary. If so, state the percentage of time spent traveling and to what areas.

Having a well written job description will help weed out the candidates who are not a good fit. This will save time and money in the hiring process and save you from conducting fruitless interviews. It’s the first step in finding the best talent.

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