How to Avoid Mismanaging Your Employees

How to Avoid Mismanaging Your Employees

Though many people overlook this part of a manager’s job description, talent retention is a big part it. Keeping quality hires should be on the minds of supervisors on a daily basis. Study after study shows the top reasons employees leave their jobs are due to variables that can be controlled by proper management. Whether it be the culture or environment of the workplace, feelings of being overworked, or not feeling valued by their employer, managers have the ability to positively influence the way their workers view their jobs.

Let’s take a look at some common mistakes that can send productive members of your team packing and what management can do to stop this from happening.

  • Be Consistent – One of the biggest complaints from employees is a lack of consistency from their managers. For any number of reasons, one employee gets treated one way and others get treated differently. Expectations should be the same for every member of the team, as well as consequences when those expectations aren’t met.
  • Be an Active Listener – When employees are heard, they feel valued and important; workplace satisfaction increases and so does job productivity. Listening skill training is often unnecessary if managers demonstrate they truly value people’s opinions.
  • Show Appreciation – One of the top reasons people leave their jobs is feeling unappreciated. Be sure your employees know how much you appreciate them working late in order to get a deadline met or going the extra mile to secure a new client. Team members are more likely to put in extra effort when their hard work is noticed.
  • Overall Workplace Culture – If there are issues in the workplace, management needs to deal with them immediately before they create an uncomfortable working environment. Contention between co-workers, unsatisfied employees, and unclear company goals are big factors in creating poor morale within a team. A dip in morale will affect productivity and the overall success of the company. Managers need to be aware of the climate and be sure any issues are addressed.

Recruiting new hires is expensive and time-consuming. Spend some of your time and money focusing on your current employees. This can help reduce the company’s turnover rate and increase retention rates of your most valued team members. It will also give your organization a reputation for being a great place to work, making it easier to attract good talent when the need arises. 

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