How A Pre-Employment Screening Can Affect You

How A Pre-Employment Screening Can Affect You

Employment screening used to refer to checking your references. While companies will almost certainly check your personal references, there are also other types of employment screening with which you may not be familiar. Being prepared for potential employers to look much deeper into your background than just references is very important.

Criminal History Screening – Criminal history can give potential employers information about a candidate’s moral and ethical compass. Many states have laws on how far back and what types of crimes employers can consider when screening new hires. If you do have a criminal background, it is important to be up front about the circumstances and don’t try to hide information. Being dishonest about the incident can be more detrimental than the actual event.

Credit Checks – One benefit to a credit check is you must give authorization for it. You will know in advance if this is something an organization is reviewing. Typically, a late credit card payment or debt due to medical bills will not be held against an applicant. However, student loan defaults or bills that have gone to collection or court, are not as easily overlooked. Your best bet is run your own credit check first so you know exactly what to expect.

Drug Testing – Depending on the position, you may or may not be required to submit to drug testing. If you are taking a prescription medication that is likely to show up in drug screening, be prepared to provide the prescription with the proper information. Also, if you are required to be screened prior to being hired, be prepared for random checks during your employment as well.

Sex Offender Registry Screening – Companies are often reluctant to hire individuals who might cause harm to current employees or endanger the company’s reputation. Again, being up front about the circumstances that led to being put on a registry is better than trying to hide it. Depending on the situation and the job for which you are applying, some organizations may be understanding of your predicament.

Understanding the various types of pre-employment screening that may be done when you are applying for jobs is important. Be sure you are aware of what companies will find when they check your background. If there are any incidents needing explanation, be sure you are prepared to give factual accounts of the events being questioned.

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