Employer Overview

Search Process – Where It All Begins

VSG is a leader and innovator in recruitment. Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. You can trust the professionals at VSG to take the time to do it right.

Our process at VSG is to target productive working people, or passive candidates and not the average person you find on the internet. We work as a team and make many phone calls each day to find the right candidate to fit your needs. Our process begins by establishing a trusting relationship with you and your company to determine not only skill set needs but the chemistry it will take to make things work.

After speaking with you, we follow a multi-step step process to ensure we find the best candidates. Our team meets to discuss plans to go about sourcing qualified people. We then begin to make hundreds of phone calls, emails, and social media contacts on your behalf to find just the right fit. Once we have found a handful of people who could potentially meet your needs we then begin diligently interviewing them to identify the ones who are the best.

You can be sure when we present you with potential candidates they will have already have been through our vigorous interview process as well as have great references which have been checked for your convenience. When our candidates arrive for their interviews you can be certain they will have a strong knowledge about your company’s products and achievements.

Once you have made your choice, we work with you and the candidate to negotiate the best situation for all parties involved. After our candidate starts working for your company, we do not see our job as complete. We will maintain communication with you to ensure our candidate and your new employee is living up to your expectations.