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Still searching for that perfect job? Perhaps you need to change how you are looking at your job search. Many job candidates today look at their job search as a necessary evil – well, yes that is true, you may need to work, but if you changed how you look at your job search, you just might find your recipe for success.

It has been said that if you look at your job search as your current job, you will put in more effort and get better results. It should be more than updating your resume, applying for jobs on the job board, and going to an interview. Each ingredient in the recipe (process) is as important as the rest, but if you neglect to add one – your end product will not be as expected. Does your recipe for success include these ingredients?

  • Resume – your resume is the main ingredient in your success, this is no secret. It is important that your resume be well-written, and include the skills that will set you apart from the rest of the competition. Make sure that your resume is crafted to coincide with the position you are applying for. This will show a potential hiring manager or recruiter that you took the time to read the job description, and design your resume to showcase the qualities they are looking for.
  • LinkedIn – do not be naïve about your LinkedIn profile. Every hiring manager and recruiter will look at your online presence, therefore, you must make sure that it is accurate. Keep your profile up-to-date, stay active in posting in your industry, and make sure that you network with others. This will show your credibility and show that you stay active in your industry.
  • Interview – whether it is a phone interview or an in-person interview, it is important that you prepare accordingly. Do your research on the company before the interview, know the questions you will ask, and practice, practice, practice.

While there are only three ingredients in your recipe for success, they are important ones. Make sure you take the time to perfect each one, and treat your job search like it is your current job. Before long you will have job offers pouring in.

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