Blog / Unique Ways to Find the Next Hire


Finding qualified job candidates is difficult for many hiring managers, but seems to be getting more difficult with technology. If you are experiencing this, you might want to look at some unique ways to find your next hire.

While more hiring managers today are using the normal recruiting tools – job board advertisements, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, it has been shown that some of the “old standby” methods work just as well, if not better. Consider some of these surprising places you might find your next job candidate:

  • Pay attention to the staff, the next time you go to a café, restaurant or shopping. One of them could be your next super star hire. Take notice of your server – are they exceptional at their job? Perhaps your café barista knows you and your order and has it ready by the time you get to the counter. And, don’t overlook that retail worker who went out of their way to help you find the perfect fit! Great candidates are all around you – you just have to look.
  • Do you read in the morning? What do you read? Consider adding a few great blog sites to your morning reading ritual. Many bloggers are great candidates, and can fit many specialty niches. Find a few who you enjoy their writing, and start a conversation. This is a great networking opportunity and can help you find some great talent.
  • Consider hosting a networking event for your industry or specialty. Not only will you get to build relationships with like-minded people, but you will be able to build a great network for referrals.

Hiring the best talent is always at the top of every hiring managers mind. Continue using your normal methods of finding talent, but consider adding a few new methods. These unique ways of finding your next hire, may well be worth the look.


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