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Research shows happy workers are productive workers. Therefore, employers place a high premium on keeping members of their team happy. While working in an environment with like-minded coworkers and a great company culture can be rewarding in itself, there are other unique perks that can attract prospective new hires.

  • Flexible Scheduling - Trusting your employees to get the job done should be the bottom line and it shouldn’t matter if it’s done during the hours of 9 to 5. Offering flexible scheduling is very enticing to new recruits. It allows them to work when they feel most productive and if that happens to be at 8:00 p.m., a company on a 9-5 schedule would be missing out on that employee's best work.
  • Wellness - Whether it be healthy meals provided for the staff, an on-site gym for physical fitness or occasional chair massages for destressing, every worker could benefit from some type of wellness perk. Keeping employees healthy means less sick time and more productivity.
  • Student Loan Debt Reimbursement - In 2016, the average college graduate entered the workforce with $37,000 of debt. Offering yearly bonuses, to be applied directly to student loan debt, is a great perk for millennials who are entering the workforce more burdened with student debt than any other group.
  • Continuing Education - Not everyone can afford the privilege of a higher education. Offering workers compensation for pursuing their educational interests or broadening their skill base is not only a great perk, but could help the company in the long run.

With today’s tight applicant pool of high quality workers, companies need to do what they can to attract the cream of the crop. Using some of these incentives could help your organization stand out from others and be the deciding factor for new hires.


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