Blog / The Importance of Picking the Right Coworkers


You have done everything just right – created the perfect resume, kept your social media platforms concise and consistent, and aced the interview, but always seem to get in jobs that never work out. Why? Could it be that you are forgetting one key element during your job search process? Many job candidates overlook the importance of picking the right coworkers.

Yes, looking at the coworkers you will be working with is critical to finding the right position. Think about the amount of time you will be spending with these people. It is important that you spend your time with compatible people. Not only will this make your job more enjoyable, but you will develop some lasting relationships with these people.

Here are just a few ways you can incorporate meeting or “interviewing” your potential coworkers before accepting that next position:

  • Search social media for employees of the company you will be interviewing with. Look at their interests, their posts, and what comments they have about their job and the company. All of these things will give you an idea of how this person feels about their position, and if you have any general interests that are similar.
  • At your interview, make sure it is clear to the hiring manager how important it is that you work with similar minded individuals. If they do not offer for you to meet some of the employees, ask if you can, preferably outside of the office environment. Suggest have a lunch with members of the team you will work with. This will give you an opportunity to meet and get to know them outside of the work environment.
  • Networking is a great thing. Even if you have not met any of your potential coworkers through networking, someone else you know may have. Reach out to your contacts and see if anyone has any information they can share about your potential work teammates.

Being happy in your job is more than just making sure the job itself and the company are a good fit. You will work with your coworkers closely, therefore it is important you share some interests.


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