Blog / Talking About Your Unemployment on LinkedIn


When you are unemployed and looking for a job, you may have questions on how to convey that information on your LinkedIn account. Since recruiters and hiring managers often search this social media platform for possible candidates, it is important you keep your profile updated.

Here are a few tips to talking about your unemployment on your LinkedIn profile:

  • As you begin to apply for open positions, recruiters and hiring managers will review your profile to check for consistency with your resume. Keeping your profile updated is essential. This will include adding an end date to your last position.
  • A popular way for job candidates to alert others they are looking for employment is by adding it to their headline. Common statements include: "seeking new opportunity," "actively looking for a new position," and "seeking next opportunity."
  • During your unemployment, consider posting frequently. Posts illustrating your skills and passion for the industry will get you noticed. You can put a line at the bottom of your post letting those who read your article you are looking for employment.
  • Consider volunteering while you look for new employment. Be sure to add your volunteer work to your LinkedIn profile and comment often about the work you are doing. This will help with networking opportunities, as well as getting you familiar with others in the industry.

There is nothing wrong with candidates announcing they're unemployed. In fact, it's critical to attract recruiters and hiring managers to your LinkedIn profile.

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