Blog / Stop Losing Offers after the Interview


Being invited to interview for a position requires a lot of work. Your resume and skill set has to be impressive enough to set you apart from the majority of other candidates who applied. While getting the interview is exciting, the work can’t stop there. Read on to find out what you should be doing AFTER the interview is over.

  • Ask Questions - When the interview comes to an end, typically you will be asked what questions you have. Never respond with “none”. It is very important you do your homework BEFORE the interview and be prepared for this final question. Research the company and formulate questions that show your interest in the job and team you could potentially be working for. Be sure to prepare enough questions so if any of them are touched upon during the interview, you will have others.
  • Contact Your References - It is always a good idea to contact the names you are supplying as references and let them know you recently interviewed. There is nothing worse than a potential employer contacting a reference who is caught off guard. Supply your references with an updated resume so they can “freshen up” on your skills and experience and speak about them knowledgeably.
  • Send A Thank You Note - Following up after an interview is not an option, it is an expectation. There is no need to break out the fancy stationery, an email is acceptable but be sure contact is made within 24 hours of the interview. Be certain to mention something specific about the job or position. This shows your level of interest.

If you find you are getting several interviews, but are failing to get offers, try some of the suggestions mentioned above. Job searching is a frustrating process and requires constant reevaluation. Finding ways to improve this is process is all…….part of the job!


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