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Not every candidate is the enterprising, dynamic go-getter that will fall into the hands of an awaiting recruiter. Passive candidates, or those who are not actively looking for a job, are shy or reserved in looking, or cannot or have not found your advertisement, require a little more effort in recruiting. Understanding how to attract these potential hires is very important because they could be the perfect match for your team.

Overlooking this population of the workforce is easy but could also be detrimental to your business. Even though these candidates are passive, they are still highly qualified and highly skilled. Investing the time to actively look for them now can benefit the success of your company later.

Here are a few tips that can help you recruit passive candidates:

  • Use social media as an introduction. As you investigate and identify hires who could be ideal for your organization, make an effort to connect with them on social media. Pay attention to their posts and try to develop a rapport with them. This will help build a connection. When the time is right, pursuing them with a job offer will be less challenging.
  • Ensure your application process is as easy as possible. After you’ve done the hard work of actively searching out a passive candidate, don’t undo all that work by frustrating someone with a cumbersome application process. If you feel they are the perfect fit for your team, you may even consider having them skip a “formal” application process.
  • Make it easy for THEM to research YOU. If the candidate is not already familiar with your company, you can guarantee they will research you enough until they ARE familiar. Be sure they can locate information about you on multiple sources and the information is consistent.

Recruiting passive candidates is not always easy, but the hard work pays off. Remember, in order to convince someone who is not actively looking to change positions, the offer will need to significantly improve either their salary, working conditions, or advancement opportunities.

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