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Searching for a job is an arduous process. The key to being successful is being consistent and looking every day. As your search goes on, you might find your motivation failing and tiredness creeping in. Continue reading to find a few ideas that can help you push past the tiredness.

  • Make a List - Each evening, make a list of things you want to accomplish the next day. Be sure to prioritize, so you will accomplish the most important tasks first. Setting a purpose for your day will help you accomplish a lot more, regardless of how tired you feel.
  • Take Breaks - Burnout can happen quickly while job searching. Remember to give yourself breaks during the day so you don’t make hasty or poor decisions. Taking five minute breathers will give you a quick burst of energy to continue your search.
  • Eliminate Distractions - Turn off your email and phone notifications while you are searching. While it is important to know when someone is contacting you about a position, it is also very distracting and difficult to stay on task when you are constantly turning your attention to something else.
  • Change Locations - Changing your environment can also change your attitude. Giving yourself a variety of areas to pursue your job search can help improve your mood and in the long run, help you maintain your focus and achieve your goal.
  • Eat Healthy - This might seem like a “no-brainer” but often times people who are job hunting tend to grab quick snacks instead of eating a nutritious meal. Lack of nutrients will contribute to the sluggish, tired feeling you might already be experiencing while job hunting.

Don’t let job searching become laborious and frustrating. Allow yourself to have a multitude of lists, manageable goals and time to regroup. The better plan you develop for yourself, the better your motivation will be. Let’s face it, motivation is a HUGE factor in your success.


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