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Today’s world is made up of technology saturation and information overload. This can be devastating for someone whose career requires creative thinking. Before eating breakfast, most of us have already grabbed our smartphone and checked emails, social media, news and anything else we might have missed during the night. The problem with this, is that morning is typically the best time of day for creative thinking. Your mind is fresh and free from distractions until you pick up that smartphone.

Instead of stifling your creativity for the day, consider changing your morning routine. Limiting your information intake will allow your creativity to flow. Read on to learn a few ways to overhaul your mornings so you can optimize your innovative thinking.

  • Leaving your mornings free to have creative thoughts can help your career excel. If you typically wake up and watch the news prior to leaving for work, start watching the evening news after work instead. Keep a pad of paper by your bed instead of your phone to jot down any thoughts you might have awakened with. You’d be surprised how many times you wake up with a great idea in the morning, only to forget it before you ever reach the office.
  • Restructure your mornings at the office. Meetings, calls and “catch up” work is often done first thing in the morning. Try to push those tasks off until after lunch, this will free up your morning (your most creative time) to develop those thoughts and ideas you woke up with!
  • Avoid being sedentary in the morning. Consider going for a morning walk/run or do a light workout. The more you are up and moving, the more your creative juices are flowing. Once you do get to the office, try standing at your desk as opposed to sitting. The goal is to get the blood moving. Not only does it boost your creativity, it boosts nearly every dimension of cognition.

It is no secret people think more clearly in the mornings. Having a career in which creativity is a critical part of job success means utilizing morning creativity to its fullest potential. Making a few small changes in your morning routine could result in seeing big changes in job performance.


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