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The ever changing landscape of recruiting has hiring managers and recruiters looking for new and unique ways to attract top talent. Keeping up with these trends, makes talent acquisition a much more successful process then if your organization falls behind. Below are a few things you should be doing to find, attract and retain quality candidates.

  • Develop accurate job descriptions - Finding the right hire for a position starts with knowing the skills the position requires. Careful thought should be given to experience needed, skill sets required to complete the tasks of the job, and the roles the individual will fill. While this sounds very basic, many companies are not careful to develop accurate job descriptions.
  • Employer branding - If you don’t explain WHY your company is a great place to work, you won’t attract top talent. A critical part of recruitment strategy is demonstrating the reasons a candidate would want to work for a particular organization. Using social media platforms is a perfect way to advertise. Allowing prospects to communicate with current employees gives them insight about the culture of your establishment.
  • Develop an ideal candidate profile - When you know what you want, often it is easier to find. This profile should be used by the hiring team to outline the qualities and characteristics that are being sought for a specific position. Don’t forget to include personality traits that would allow this candidate to seamlessly integrate into the company culture.

Keeping up with recruiting trends is challenging. Companies need to do their best to ensure hiring managers employ the latest industry techniques. By doing this, you can be confident that you are acquiring the best talent available.


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