President's Message

As our economic growth continues, the employment market for professionals is strong in most sectors.  Finding qualified candidates is an extremely difficult challenge.

If you’re one of those candidates with excellent skill sets and want to make a move, you’re in a great spot.  However, many employers don’t understand the complexities of the full marketplace.  Even though unemployment numbers are historically low, many employers believe they still hold all the cards.  Clients have the right to seek perfection and most are willing to wait for it.  Our job as recruiters is to explain exactly what is happening in this complicated environment.  Once we accomplish this, the relationship between job seeker and hiring authority becomes much more balanced.

Partnering with a reputable search firm to find the best talent and move surgically through the pool of candidates is critical to any company's success.  Make sure your search consultant asks difficult and probing questions regarding your needs.  Don’t accept candidates without reference checks.  Keep the hiring cycle short and have an attractive marketing plan.

All the best,

Peter Broderick